Marilyn Cocozza Trillo Vocal Performance Studio
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Welcome to the Vocal Performance Studio!

Whether you sing classical, jazz, R & B, showtunes, or sing in a church choir, you should know how to get the most beautiful, controlled and free sound from your voice without strain or damage.  Many good singers create vocal problems because they have the passion for singing but have bad habits that hold them back from realizing the full potential of their vocal sound.
At Vocal Performance Studio, lessons are private and tailored to your individual needs.  The most complex of instruments is the human voice.  When you sing you are the instrument and the player: you must cultivate your instrument and develop your critical musical ear.  Additionally,   you will learn how to present your singing with confidence, passion and stage presence.  It is essential to convey the story line of a song to your audience honestly and effectively.
653 East Avenue
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
Telephone (401)821-9953
*By appointment only*